Author: RemDizzle

~New tight jersey mod included; intensifies shadows, fixes some body proportions, and more!
~Nike elite socks (under double mid socks) and Jordan Socks (under ankle wrap) by bigh0rt as a taste of whats to come for the upcoming street gear global for his amazing Midnight Pickup League mode
Integrated Lagoa Mods:
~New shoulder size for normal and muscular body players
~New sweat
~New occlusions for face/legs/arms
~New shadows for all players

Credits: Lagoa

~Improved textures
-Facial texture
-Wrist/arm bands
-Arm sleeves
-Leg Sleeves
~Improved lighting
~Improved shadowing
~Adidas ankle braces and D.Rose padded leg sleeve
~Nike elite socks Double Mid socks

~Jordan Socks under Ankle Wrap
~Improved sweat
~Real eyes
~Whiter teeth
~Real Black/White accessories
~Thin Legs
~Progressive sweat
~Fixed skin tones
~Improved face animations
~Body modifications
~Tight shoes

~And more!