Author: Cam


~Brand new D.Rose Leg Gear
~Longer Legs for skinny legs for perfect body proportions
~Edited the shape of shoes to reflect real life shoe contour
~Implemented new eye textures
~Edited head texture for real life skin and hair appearance/lighting effects, Implemented 2k11-like sweat
~Improved textures
-Facial texture
-Wrist/arm bands
-Arm sleeves
-Leg Sleeves
~Improved lighting
~Improved shadowing
~Adidas ankle braces and D.Rose padded leg sleeve

~Adidas Knee Pads

~Adidas Ankle Brace + Socks under Ankle Wrap
~Improved sweat
~Real eyes
~Whiter teeth
~Real Black/White accessories
~Thin Legs
~Progressive sweat
~Fixed skin tones
~Improved face animations
~Body modifications
~Tight shoes

~And more!