Author: Medevenx


How To Install:
Copy the files in “IFF FILES” folder to your NBA 2K14 main folder
Copy the .ros files in the “Appdata Files” folder to your Saves folder

How To Find Saves Folder:

Start > Run > Type : %appdata%, then find 2K Sports, NBA 2K14, Saves , overwrite all the files.

for XP users: C:Documents and Settings[your user name]Application Data, 2K Sports, NBA 2K14, Saves

for Vista or Win 7 users: C:Users[your user name]AppDataRoaming2K Sports, NBA 2K14, Saves

Rosters Included:
Assoc = Current NBA Season for Association and MyCareer modes
Blacktop = Current NBA Season for Blacktop mode
WI = Current NBA Season with injuries & accurate rotations, All-Star Teams Unlocked
WOI = Current NBA Season without injuries, All-Star Teams Unlocked



– Updated Skin Colors, Body Types, Muscle Tones
– Accurate Accessories for all 30 NBA Teams + Free Agents
– Accurate Team Colors for all 30 NBA Teams (Real Matches & Practice)
– Multiple Gear Color Selection
– Added Multiple Retro Jerseys
– Added Christmas and Latin Nights Jerseys (2012)
– Shoe Brands Unlocked for All Players
– Accurate Arena Names


– Updated Transactions
– Updated Rotations for all 30 NBA Teams
– Updated Height & Weight
– Added All Missing Players
– Removed CAPs from Legends Pool
– Removed Retired/Overseas Players from FA Pool
– Updated Signature Skills, Jump Shots
– Updated Coach Profiles
– Implemented Hikwelity’s Playbooks
– Updated Current NBA Player Ratings (Including Free Agents)
– Blacktop Players Unlocked!
– All-Star Teams Unlocked!
– Accurate Retro Coaches


– Realistic Hall of Fame & All-Star Gameplay Sliders
– Realistic In-Game Presentation Volumes

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5