This is an Online Injector for NBA 2K14 so you can enjoy Online Feature with your cracked NBA 2K14.
Just Follow these Simple steps to be able to Play Online

Step 1: Download All The Needed Tools
– Daemon Tools Lite: Download
– NBA 2K14.exe: Download
– NBA 2K14 Mini-Image: Download
– NBA 2K14 Online Injector v1.1: Download

Step 2: Install Daemon Tools Lite

Step 3: Extract NBA 2K14.exe to your Main Installation Folder

Step 4: Extract NBA 2K14 Mini-Image to any folder

Step 5: Extract NBA 2K14 Online Injector v1.1 to any folder

Step 6: Mount “3DM-NBA2K14” mdf file using Daemon Tools Lite

* you should be able to see this if you successfully mounted it*

Step 7: Open NBA 2K14 Online Injector v1.1
– Choose from the free accounts available (if you dont have a 2K Account)
– Click Inject
– Click Ok on the Pop-Up Message saying “ENJOY”
– Close the Injector

You dont have to use The Injector everytime you play once you have successfully Injected the account