This is a Tutorial on How to install Mods (Jerseys,Cyberfaces,Shoes,Courts,etc.) to your NBA 2K15 PC Version.

Step 1: Make sure NBA 2K15 is not running on your PC.

Step 2: Download NBA 2K15 Explorer
– NBA 2K15 Explorer: Download

Step 3: Extract the downloaded file to a folder of your choice

Step 4: Run NBA2K_Explorer.exe as admin

Step 5: Click Options ->Preferences

Step 6: Make sure you select the Archive that the modder indicate (Example is 1I) then Save Settings and close the Preferences window

Step 7: Click File->Load Archives wait until the archives is loaded, you can see it on the status bar on how many archives were detected (Example is 366357) located at the lower left part.

Step 8: Double Click or Click the small arrow button on the indicated Archive and the Sub-Archives will load

Step 9: Click Archive Name header so it will be sorted by Archive Names, now you can easily find the Archive Name indicated by the modder (Example is unknown_243850 & unknown_161226)

Step 10: When you find the Archive Name (Example is unknown_243850), Right Click on the archive row, click Import Archive

Step 11: Locate the .iff file that you have downloaded, click it, and click Open
*NOTE*it is best if you import the .iff files 1 by 1 to avoid Problems when Importing.

Step 12: Click Import Scheduler tab on upper right corner of the tool

Step 13: Click File->Apply Changes and wait till the Import Scheduler tab becomes empty

*NOTE* If you want to install another mod, JUST START FROM STEP 8

Step 14: Close NBA2K_Explorer, Run NBA 2K15